Puri Beach Lifeguard Mahasangha

The journey of Nolia lifeguards (traditional bath attendants) began with 30 to 35 persons which have been increased to more than 420 persons at present. They have become the integral part of Puri culture and tourism. Most of their livelihood depends upon sea fishing, traditional lifeguard service and small business along the beach. However, with the development of Sea beach tourism, these traditional fishermen gradually acquired the skill of lifeguarding and being providing invaluable lifeguard service to thousands pilgrims and tourists daily visiting the exquisite Puri beach.

For a long time the traditional lifeguards were working as informal groups. However, the Puri Beach Lifeguard Mahasangha - a federation of 6 lifeguard associations such as Kalimaa Lifeguard Association (area of operation - Hotel sub palace to Staling hotel), Sagartarang Lifeguard Association (area of operation - Kamat hotel to Hotel raj) Saraswati Lifeguard Association (area of operation - Victoria hotel to Swapnapuri hotel), Harachandi Lifeguard Association (area of operation - Digabrani to Victoria hotel), Golden Lifeguard Association (area of operation - Holiday resort to Blue flag beach) and Chakratritha Lifeguard Association (area of operation:- Pink house to Holiday resort) was formed during the year of 2000 to safeguard the interests of lifeguards as well as tourists.

Our History

Nuliyas (Nolia) - the hereditary local fishermen have been occupied as unofficial ‘lifeguards’ at Puri sea beach since more than a century from British period. Historical records of Bihar and Orissa Province show Nuliyas were engaged as bath attendants when British officials came to Puri Sea for bathing. A record of 1927 reveals that nine number of Nuliysa such as AnkuJogi, Akmutelu, Bari Latmya, Nanda Tantya, PirLoaknath, GovindSatya, AnkaApya, AnkaKamiya and AnkaGorya attended on His Excellency and party during the visit to Puri. As per information PuriNuliyas (Nolia) are the only community based lifeguards in India.

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